Love At Large FAMILY

Love At Large  FAMILY

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Packing,Wet seaon and OMG it is almost Easter!

Another week almost down.Can not,I repeat NOT believe it is Friday already.Friday,and one week until we move.

Looking forward to the new area,excited to be with in the estate so the kids have footpaths to ride their bikes on and parks to play at that do not require driving to.
And also it means we can begin the process of setting up the class room and decorating the house :-)
We need new furniture in the form of new dining chairs and some rugs and buffet/hutch and kids book shelves,so we are going to get right into that once we settle.

On to the part of moving that is not my favorite...packing,yes you guessed it!
I have successfully packed...1.5 boxes!I conclude 1.5 boxes because only one is taped shut.I have a garage full of folded boxes that require filling and with all this rain set to hang around for a few days I guess this weekend is as a good a time as any to start.

4 kids inside all weekend...double sigh.
BUT a positive,yes there is one,I won't be doing it on my own.Always nice to have a husband handy to assist with entertainment!!!

Hoping Oli sleeps every day over the weekend like he has today.Going over 3 hours now and it is lovely.Nick is due home soon as he finished work early today.Means I don't have to go pick the girls up from school in this rain,which I will add has been dripping between heavy and very heavy all day.Nonstop.
The rainy season is here!Albeit it is late and didn't see the need to ease us into its arrival but it is here,grateful for the rain,lack of flooding and considerably safe driving I was a part of this morning.Yet to pass a accident so hoping none took place.

So other then packing I assume our weekend will consist of coffee out in the morning with the family,and then home to pack/bake/clean and pack.

Week ahead looks much the same.
Bear with me in the next few weeks.Between moving,beginning of school holidays and Easter we will be very busy.Oh My Goodness-Easter,really?
Knowing myself as I do I am sure I will find time to come and catch you up on our activities,or lack there of.
Have a fantastic Friday,and happy start to the weekend everybody!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Oli,our little screamer.

Yesterday was an emotional day.
It started out great.I had all the kids clean,dressed and lunches made for school and bags packed by 8am.We were leaving early to go to the shops before school drop off.
Within moments of being in the car and on our way Oli lost it.He just began to scream,and scream,and scream.
And then continued to scream some more.
Once at the shop he screamed until I allowed him to walk,and then I had to chase him through the shop with the girls to keep tabs on him.
Then home after Lilly tipped her milk all down her school dress.Thankfully we have a spare in the car :-)
Then off to school we went.And once back in the car Oli began to scream again.The.Entire.Way.

It was painful.
Once there a quick kiss and a hug and Amber took Lilly to class for me.There was no way Oli was leaving the car that day.We had enough public exposure for one day,and it was only 8:45am.
 Back home we went with Oli screaming still in the back.
Once home he stopped right up until he was placed in his cot.He had woken at 4am,and it was now 5 hours later and he REALLY needed a nap.
Rocking a 21 month old to sleep who squirms is not the easiest task,but he was happy to snuggle and after a few minutes asked to go in his cot.He was not able to get comfortable in my arms long enough to fall asleep.

He slept for 2 hours.It was bliss.
Did I clean?No.I did some research on Home schooling and went on Facebook.I had already mopped floors and done washing.My work was done.
Oliver waking in a brighter mood sure did lighten mine and with us out of our morning funk we went on to do some baking,and built some towers and bridges for a while.

Our ''not so good at mowing'' lawn mower man came.He mowed our lawn finally after being  weeks late.He mowed it badly,as usual.
So when we move I told Nick to either find a new and better mowing company,or buy a mower and do the job yourself.Safe to say he is sourcing a new mower man.
We move next weekend,so in 10 days.It is coming up so quickly,and I have only packed 2 boxes.You can just imagine how many more a family of 6 with four bedrooms,2 living spaces and all the other rooms has to pack.A LOT.
But next week I will confront that.Right now I am putting it off,and off and off.

We happened to be out late last night so we ended up eating out,and broke on of our rules,which was to not waste money on junk food.But it just worked out to be convenient.

Today's Tuesday,and my washing machine is calling me as I write this.So off to prep kids for school and after drop outing,if I don't do it now..someones likely to leave this house naked!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A moment in parenting:a Fathers way.

So it's the last day of the weekend,and the kids have just been so ''manic'' in behavior today.A every moment of today,someone was on the time out mat,in their room on their room for quiet ''think about what you did time'' or being talked to about the ''right kind'' of behavior.They just didn't manage to get along.Poor Nick.

He is learning to be patient.He currently has nil patience.It is a work in progress.
So this afternoon the kids had passed the point of no return.Dinner was due and they were attempting to ''play nice'' together.Fail.
So in order to just tune it out Nick got inventive.
 And here you have it!My husband having had enough of tantrums and fights,knowing he is reaching breaking point and not wanting to be ''mad'' at the kids put his heavy work wear ear muffs on.People use these to block noise from the machines that hammer at it is safe to say they worked.
It kept a semi level of peace,and being honest I can handle the kids going crazy,but I can't handle the husband going crazy at the kids.

So the afternoon has calmed down.Kids have been tucked into their beds with stories and some giggles and I am in the progress of finishing some cheese and bacon rolls.

Interesting conversation with Lilly took place at bed time.
She was all wrapped up in her blanket shes had since she was 4 months of age.
She asked me ''Do you know what I am mum?''
I answered ''No Lilly''
''I am a cucumber'' she told me.

''A cucumber?'' I asked ''Are you sure?''
She giggles..''Yes mum'' I sigh (this is not a odd conversation to have with Lilly).
''And soon I will be a beetle'' she goes on to inform me.
I am lost,but only for a moment.
''Oh,your in a cocoon?'' I ask.
''Yeah mum that's what I said''
And then she giggles some more.

I can always guarantee a good laugh from my Lilly.
And if you are wondering where that came from,she is currently learning about the life cycle of meal worms.

There is still plenty to do to put this household back to rights so some form of order takes place tomorrow morning.
I look forward to the day we no longer have to rush to put shoes on and pack our bags to get out the door.
Homeschooling July 2012 can not come fast enough!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

While I Blog

This is how you will find my 21 month old little man occupied whilst I blog.These were in the back yard,but we move in less then 2 weeks,and Nick decided we would make good use of them till we put them in the back yard at the new house.Not sure I want to put them back outside now :-D

Vision Board

Many of you may of heard of a Vision Board.

I had heard of this from my mother in law about 4 years ago.But it was just on paper,on your fridge.We didn't take much notice of it and never gave it another thought.

Now we are planning to put ours together.
Basically a Vision Board is made to suit your own self or family.You project all the ideas,desires and goals for the year onto a canvas/poster etc using pictures cut out from magazines etc and paste them.You also use words and phrases that are inspirational to you and your family and draw or paste them on,how ever you like.
The rule is,if you like it,paste it.Because it means something to you,even if you don't know what.

Then right in the middle,surrounded by all of these items,you place a picture of yourself,or your family.Then once completed you place it in a frequently visited room,where you can see it daily and meditate over it.
Give it a part of your day everyday to remember what you want to gain,why and what your doing to get there.

In doing this you allow the universe to bring you these new experiences/dreams and desires.

Materials you will need to gather before beginning your Vision Board:
. Magazines
. Scissors
. Glue
. Canvas
. Textas
. Family or self portrait

I intend to begin ours this week.
I will document each stepwith photographs and then post about it later in the week.

Very excited to hang this in our new home.Just deciding ''where'' to hang it will be the hardest part.(I hope).


For a while now,talking in terms of weeks,I have been at war with myself concerning wanting to homeschool our children verses keeping them enrolled in the Qld school system.
I firstly ignored the calling to Homeschool not possibly believing I could do it.Or that I could take my kids out of school.

So I had some point I wrote down once I realized the idea was still tugging at me.

 10 points on how we reached our decision.

1. Yes my kids have great teachers this year,but I can not guarantee it EVERY year,I consider us very lucky to have received these teachers for my daughters.
2. My daughters ARE affected by school.They do come home seeming more like aliens then my children,and I only glimpse my kids on weekends.
3. I feel they are not being taught to their individual abilities.I feel and believe I can do that for them.
4. My kids do not benefit from being one of 20 odd something kids in a classroom vying for their teachers attention.
5. I can control WHAT they are leaning,when and for how long.So if I dont think they understand it yet,then we can keep at it for as long as is required.
6. Lilly sometimes gets overstimulated,and can cause her to have emotional break downs.It is hard to send her to school like that and I know I can make sure her day is more suited to her when that is the case.
7. My girls are excited at the prospect of being at home,even if Amber's is due to the fact she can use shiny pencils :-) .
8. Nick and I are excited!Since deciding on this we have felt at peace with the decision and feel we are doing something special for our kids and our family.
9. Being able to take my kids out into the world to explore their surroundings as tools for their development.
10. As a family,we will learn,grow and blossom.What more can I ask for?

So.When do we begin?
We are in the process of moving home.We will have the girls enrolled in their school for term 2,then we will withdraw them and begin homeschooling on July 10th,then beginning of Term 3,semester 2.
I have a room in our new home waiting to fill with learning tools.I have found and decided on our supplier for their curriculum materials.We have made contact to fill out all paperwork required to make it official and legal with QLD Government.And I have reached out to the Homeschooling QLD community to meet other families walking this path so our kids still have social interaction.

School Photos.
School photos are coming up.We have decided we will NOT be getting them done.Instead I am going to purchase a snazzy camera and get the girls to 'pose' for Homeschooling photos.
I am purchasing some plain colored polo shirts from Kmart and having the kids names monogrammed on the front so when we leave the home for a school excursion(planning for 1 a week min) we can create routine for the kids,so they know they are in ''school mode''.
We will have all 4 kids enrolled in swimming lessons,and a sport of their choice.The library will become a weekly drop in for us.
The internet will become my best friend,just as Google has.

To put into words just how buzzed I am about this is impossible.But I really am.
There is a lot for us(me) to do in the next few months,but I am determined to make it possible,and fun and I am determined to do it well.For our kids.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hump Day

Managed to get Amber and Lilly to sort and tidy their bookcase of books before dinner..what a feat!It looks wonderful now and was long overdue.
I was able to spend that time getting dinner made,and going back to basics with meals has made cooking so much easier.Also having the new meal plan to follow is a life saver as almost every night there is some form of ciaos causing everything to not go as I planned.

We have a wonderful tropical storm tonight.Very overdue,with it being our wet season and this being the first solid rain we have had almost 4 months into the season.Lilly was woken and upset by the storm so much it cause her to get a nose bleed.Not very nice but she was fine once we calmed her.

Lilly is going through what I assume to be a growth spurt and mental development.It's around the right time for her and she is more emotional,eating more and sleeping till 8am,when usually she is up at 6am.Also adjusting to the routine of school and making all these new friends and going to parties is getting the best of her.
Second attempt at Oliver being in his bed today.He required being rocked to sleep which is common with him,but only for his day naps.Once he was sleeping I placed him in his bed,and he slept only for an hour before he came out of his room all proud that he was able too get out of his bed on his own!I know it means less sleep but he was in such a good mood that it didn't bother me so much.

Other then that we enjoyed a rather full afternoon of baking scones,cleaning and then the usual night time routine.
Was a fufilling day and night,but the rain has made me even more tired so I am off to bed.Goodnight.